Bouncing Ideas

IBD community,

These are suggestions that are more or less taken from a post to the Boost Development forums a few days ago.

I feel that it would be helpful if there was a little bit of standardization in the layout/content of the documentation. A lot of the documentation implements similar ideas (one minute tutorials, introductions, reference sections), but each individual libraries documentation has the earmarks of the authors.

What could we do in the way of standardization? If we had a list of common sections for all libraries, it would be easy for all users to find what they need. Just looking for a quick reference? Go to the "One Minute Tutorial" section. Looking for the reference? Reference section. Rationale? Rationale section.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Sorry for the delay.. I had a personal commitment bite me from behind, and JoaquĆ­n, who had been busy for a few weeks, gave me a laundry list of suggestions/changes for my GSoC project ;)

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Matias Capeletto said...

As I said in the boost-devel list, this is very important. Dave has point out that we must include in IBD objectives helping authors with the actual content and not just about the look and feel.
I am thinking that it will be nice to have a place in the Wiki where we offer our help to boost authors. For example, a native English speaker can offer proof readings.
I think I can offer my help in structure and making colorful diagrams. Translations are a way to help them too.
I will do a first version of this page tomorrow.